Should we have left the EU - Vote Below?

Should we have left the EU - Vote below

Should we have left the EU?

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

BREXIT - The Labour Conference

BREXIT and the Labour Conference 2016

By Dark Politricks

With the UK political conference season upon us there has undoubtedly been news about BREXIT coming from the mouths of our politicians and leaders, in between drinking and partying that is.

Last week it was the Labour conference where it was Jeremy Corbyn's turn to speak about BREXIT.

Here is a Labour leader who has just won an even bigger mandate to lead the party after the botched coup by disaffected Blairites and MP's, upset that he didn't manage to persuade every Labour voter to tick the box to remain in the EU.

Why they would think white working class voters who have historically chosen to vote Labour would see the EU as a beaming citadel on the hill, when it has been their jobs that have been shipped overseas, their wages suppressed by bosses using cheap immigrant labour, and their children with the lack of housing options and overwhelmed public services, due to under-funding and over-use, I have no idea.

However many people on the left went and voted to leave the EU and this article explains why.

So the Blairites went ahead with their coup and lost.

In fact Corbyn increased his share of the vote to 61.8% and with the influx of new Labour members, the party is now the biggest in Europe with over half a million members.

Maybe the Blairites will now shut up and get behind their leader. They should be promoting the policies he espouses which it was made clear from the leadership debates that hardly any difference existed between the coups sacrificial lamb, Owen Smith, and Corbyn. You can watch one below.

In his conference speech, Corbyn promised to raise taxes on businesses to fund an overhaul of the UK’s educational system, promising employers they would see a return on the investment, with a future workforce that would be more skilled.

He also outlined plans for a surge of council house building funded by the removal of borrowing caps on local councils and a broad program of public investment with the reinstatement of some trade union rights.

Corbyn said he was offering “a new deal for rebuilding Britain”, including borrowing to invest billions in infrastructure, which he said would benefit businesses.

However, he said, he wanted to see business play its part in return, by paying more tax to fund a proposed “national education service” – a lifelong service from preschools to adult education.

So we have one leader willing to borrow money NOT for wars, or to pay for the massive increase in social welfare bills due to the lack of decent jobs, or to just give to the banks for a bailout.

Instead Corbyn wants to borrow to invest in the country, reduce our debt by increasing GDP by creating jobs and taxing the rich who let's face it, hold much more responsibility for the 2008 banking crisis than the millions of poor and middle class electorate that have suffered during the Tory austerity years.

Plus Corbyn wants lower housing costs so people can afford to get on the housing ladder or obtain social housing that has been kept out of the reach of millions for so long due to the lack of building by previous Tory and Labour governments.

Most importantly he wants to invest in education, especially in areas most hit by the migration that has come in recent years.

By increasing the nations skillset, he will put them on course for high paid jobs, and make Britain a desirable option for countries to invest in.

Maybe if the Tories had carried out some of these policies then not as many working class people would have seen migrants as a threat to their jobs, housing options, school places and increased hospital waiting times.

Maybe if the Tories had spent the billions they wasted on stupid wars in Libya and their undercover support of the FSA, al-Nusra Front and ISIS, who basically control all other rebel groups in Syria, we wouldn't have doubled our national debt since Labour last lost power.

In fact the national debt has risen by £555 billion since 2010 due to Tory policies.

If we stopped allowing banks to rob from us by borrowing from the Bank of England at 0.25% and then make free money by loaning it back to the public at high interest rates e.g 1,261% APR if you look Wonga, then maybe they wouldn't have lost David Cameron as their PM, and therefore the BREXIT vote.

You only have to watch daytime TV in the UK to see that the only growth industries seems to be Payday Loan companies who are taking advantage of poor people's need for loans and online poker, bingo, lottery cards and gambling operations.

This truly has become a nation where we borrow money at stupid costs and then chance it on the roll of a ball in the hope of getting rich.

You can watch Jeremy Corbyn's speech at the 2016 Labour conference below.

What do you think about the idea that we should be investing in our country to grow our GDP instead of borrowing money to fill the growing national debt the Tories have caused from their austerity measures?

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By Dark Politricks

© 2016 Dark Politricks

Johnathan Pie Unelectable Corbyn gets elected again

Johnathan Pie Unelectable Corbyn gets elected again

Once again the satirist, Johnathan Pie hits the nail on the head with Jeremy Corbyn's 2nd leadership election victory in a year.


Well he now has an even bigger mandate to run Labour than he did before.

Plus the Labour party now is the biggest political party in Europe with half a million members.

At a time when other political parties are dying. We have witnessed something akin to a reverse takeover of the Labour party. It is incomplete and it is certainly contested, but it is real.

Also by invoking the victories of Sadiq Khan in London and Marvin Rees in Bristol, he was showing that a social movement can yield victory at the ballot box.

Let's see what Johnathan Pie has to say about the unelectable Labour leader.

What do you think of Jeremy Corbyn's 2nd massive victory to stay Labour leader within a year?

Is he really unelectable or are you just falling for the Murdoch press media?

The Tory spin in the Daily Mail and Telegraph that spews out the lies that we cannot spend our money investing in the country but rather on wars, Trident and filling the holes in the Treasury caused by austerity measures?

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Monday, 26 September 2016

Jonathan Pie on the end of BREXIT

Jonathan Pie on the end of BREXIT

To All my US friends this is satire so please don't go mental when viewing it thinking it's a real NEWS channel.

Jonathan Pie is a well known satirist in the UK and has made many political based videos which you can watch at his channel on YouTube.

As Johnathan Pie says about the video "Westminster is covered in blood and's time to clean up" according to himself..

How do you feel months on from the BREXIT vote.

Have you changed you mind since the vote months ago or has nothing really changed around you for you to be worried about?

Has it moved to the slowest exit of a political body ever or should Article 50 be enacted immediately so we can leave the EU as soon as as possible.

Take your vote above in the header if you have't already..

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Nigel Farage's Top Speeches

Nigel Farage Resigns as head of UKIP

By Dark Politricks

As we say goodbye to Nigel Farage from the political scene I thought I would collate an article of his most famous speeches in the EU Parliament.

Nigel Farage is the man who started the UK Independence Movement to leave the EU, he helped convince the country that we should vote for BREXIT, and has now chosen to resign from UKIP saying that the job is now done.

He went to Brussels and got paid handsomely as an MEP but at least he told everyone about it, unlike the other tax payer milking ex politicos. He let on about the massive expenses, the special passports that gave him the right to jump queues at airports and the daily allowances just for turning up at work.

He wanted us to make him redundant, he actually begged us to make him jobless, and unlike many in the EU parliament he had actually held down a real job before becoming a politician.

So whatever you think of him, and whilst he never sat in the Houses of Commons, you cannot deny that he's managed to change the whole political scene in the UK and Europe, mostly as a one man band for a lot of the time.

You can listen to his resignation speech below where he attacks the undemocratic centralised control of the EU and the mass joblessness of the youth across southern Europe due to the Euro.

He also talks about the rush of Commonwealth countries like Australia and New Zealand who have already contacted us already about forming one to one trade deals.

I agree with Nigel that I am worried about our BREXIT.

We cannot have politics as normal and we cannot have a REMAIN campaigner as our PM doing the deal with Europe for us.

We should be busy doing our one to one deals with other countries now, and quickly, so that businesses and employees can see we are getting on with things and help settle the markets that went totally mental after the vote but seem to be getting back to normal now.

We need to ignore all the mass protests by Remain voters who are sore losers.

We need to ignore all the Internet polls saying that London should become a city-state and all the lawyers who are demanding the UK Government ignore the referendum result.

These people can use all the legal technicalities they want but morally the vote has been won and we should get on with things and make the best of them like we always do in the UK.

UKIP maybe to the right of the UK political spectrum and many people might think it's just full of old people who hate foreigners.

However what they don't realise is that many UKIP supporters are poorer and younger workers who have suffered due to wage suppression and globalisation.

This is why I cannot believe Labour have chosen this time to attack Jeremy Corbyn for not doing enough to get Labour voters to vote remain.

How can he be blamed for the evils of globalisation that have caused the poor to suffer. It's the rich Blairites and Politicos that just don't understand why people on the left could possibly vote to leave the EU.

Globalisation hasn't done everyone favours.

It may have raised wages in poorer countries but it has lowered them in richer countries. We are now all fighting to prevent the international corporations forcing us to all work to Chinese sweatshop levels and the lowest common level.

By allowing companies within the UK to hire cheap Eastern European labour and undercut UK workers the politicians only have themselves to blame.

Labour under Blair and Brown opened the doors to our current multicultural society, a policy they have now apologised for, and they have to accept responsibility for all the unemployment caused by it.

Thousands of UK people put out of work due to their jobs being taken by people willing to work longer hours and for much less pay than them.

Why we can't have some sensible laws such as enforcing companies to offer ALL jobs to UK born citizens at least 5 times, including the long-term unemployed before even thinking of hiring an overseas worker I have no idea.

It wouldn't be hard to implement but it would cut a hole in these rich global elites pockets and who gives a toss - I don't.

That is why so many Labour voters chose to vote to leave and that is why Labour should be looking at Tony Blair and Gordon Brown for blame and NOT Jeremy Corbyn for the mass Labour vote to leave the undemocratic EU.

However as we are saying goodbye to one of the most colourful characters of the UK and European political stage I thought I would collate some of Nigel's finest outbursts and speeches for you.

Nigel's Most Famous Speech - "Who are you?"

Starting with a personal famous favourite here. Nigel Farage welcoming the newly unelected EU President Herman van Rompuy to the EU Parliament.

"You have the charisma of a damp rag and the appearance of a low-grade bank clerk" were the famous words that made the UKIP leader a household name around the globe.

One year later - "Who the Hell Do You Think You Are?"

One year after that speech he attacks him again for being the poster boy for Euroscepticism due to the failure of the Euro and the crisis in the EU.

The EU Parliament President attacked by Farage

Here is another EU President being attacked by Nigel Farage in the EU parliament. He sure doesn't make any friends in the room with his speeches.

Nigel Farage Savages Angela Merkel

Here is Nigel savaging the German leader and David Cameron about how she is leading the EU to a more centralised federal system and how the UK can do nothing about it due to the country not being inside the Euro.

"Who do you think you are kidding Mr Juncker"

Here is Nigel attacking the EU for their desire to create an EU army and apparently wanting to fight Russia over Ukraine.

Nigel's speech that won the BREXIT vote

This is a speech that Nigel made in June about Turkey blackmailing the EU as well as being an ally of ISIS, using their NATO membership to bomb their Kurdish enemies in Syria instead.

He talks about the flooding of Europe with weapons, allowing millions of poor undocumented migrants to become documented, and the failure of the EU to solve the refugee crisis.

The EU ask him in response whether he supported these wars that caused all the refugees and he replies defiantly that NO he would have voted against them all if he was in the UK parliament.

Nigels attacks Gordon Brown on hypocrisy

Here Nigel takes on the ex Labour PM, Gordon Brown, who went back on his pledge to give the UK a vote on the Lisbon treaty (EU Constitution), after the Irish voted against it in their first referendum.

He also attacks him for selling 400 metric tons of Gold at a massively devalued price and his poor management of the UK economy.

Nigel takes on Tony Blair the war criminal

Here Farage attacks Tony Blair for his failure to secure the UK rebate and his failure to reform the EU on their common agricultural policy.

Goodbye EU, I won!

"When I came here 17 years ago and I said I wanted to lead a campaign to leave the EU you all laughed at me, well you're not laughing now are you...."

This is Nigel Farage's victory speech in the days after the BREXIT vote, in which the Vote Leave side won. He had finally achieved his dream ambition of leading the UK out of the EU.

So what do you think of UKIP leader Nigel Farage and his successful, almost one man campaign to leave the EU that snowballed into winning EU elections, hundreds of seats on local councils and even 2 MPs?

Will he go down in history as one of England’s most successful politicians or will his name be blotted out of history due to the remain side's bitterness at us leaving the EU against their will?

Let me know what you think and remember to take the new poll at the top of the page on whether we should have voted to leave or stay in the EU. Do YOU have buyers remorse?

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By Dark Politricks


© 2016 Dark Politricks

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

What Europeans Think About BREXIT

What Europeans Think About BREXIT

The following are two videos from a European perspective on the UK vote to leave the EU.

First an opinion given before the vote from an ex Norwegian Government minister who compares the "project fear" tactics rolled out by the Remain campaign, to her own EU referendums.

They had two referendums in 1972 and 1994, and they voted NO BOTH times.

However they still pay just over half a billion to be part of the European Single Market and have to accept free movement of people and labour.

She declares the "Project Fear" to be "All Rubbish", and that we have "Nothing to fear from BREXIT".

Now from an opinion from a famous Italian Economist who lists out all the benefits from us voting to leave the EU. 

Paolo Barnard, is a very censored Italian economic journalist and he lists all the reasons we should not fear a BREXIT in the video below.

It is also very interesting for all those on the Remain side who have scoffed at claims from myself and others on the left who have voted out due to the push towards globalism and the downward push on wages that:

“for what are the Bilderbergs men trembling for (then)? What are the huge companies afraid of? No they’re not scared of an economic loss, they are scared of the loss of control over a neo-feudal, authoritarian and anti-democratic project called the European Union.” – Paolo Barnard.

So did either of these videos calm your fears about voting BREXIT or do you still believe we are sailing dangerous waters with the prospect of Scotland voting to leave the UK? 

This seems unlikely seeing that the SNP leader, Nicola Sturgeon tried recently to reach out to the EU to see if Scotland could remain in the EU and was rebuffed.

She was told that the whole of the UK must leave the EU including the parts that voted to Remain such as Northern Ireland and Scotland.

She was also told that despite SNP claims to the contrary in the recent lost Scottish Independence Vote, that she would have to re-apply to join the EU, and most importantly accept the Euro.

This was NOT something she wanted to hear as the SNP claimed during the last vote that they would be able to keep the pound despite the claims by the UK Chancellor that this was not possible.

Having to wait years without free trade with the rest of the UK OR Europe would leave Scotland in an even worse position that the UK now as at least they can trade with England AND Europe for the next 2 years until we de-tangle from the EU under Article 50.

If Scotland leaves the UK they would be alone and in uncertain waters. The Euro is a failing project and that is probably one of the reasons they wanted to keep the pound.

So don't worry about the UK splitting up, I don't think it will happen anytime soon.

What do you think?

Are you worried?

Rememebr to vote at the top of the page if you think we made the right or wrong decision.