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Should we have left the EU - Vote below

Should we have left the EU?

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Is it time for a new political party in the USA

Is it time for a new political party in the USA

By Dark Politricks

At least in the UK we can see that there is a party that will push for peoples policies and the Tories who will fit in very nicely with the "Establishment" one party state in the USA.

With the fallout of the 2016 US Presidential Elections still rocking the US news isn't it time that a new political party is formed.

Many trade unionists have decided to stop paying dues to the Democratic party considering it is now basically Republican "light". A party destined to lose unless they come up with some actual policies to help working people.

Instead of moving to the left after the election loss which Hillary just seemed to assume she would win, they have continued to take money from big pharma, Wall St and Silicon Valley. These are all groups that also fund the Republicans and Obama is collecting his reward for not jailing any bankers or stopping their illegal practices with his $400,000 after dinner speeches at the top banks.

What I don't understand is - if the Democrats cannot even beat an incompetent like Donald Trump who thinks Twitter is the way policy is made in the USA, telling his supporters how "super" and "great" their proposed, but never passed, tax and heath reform bills will be. Then what do they actually stand for?

I think many people who voted for Trump are going to be mightily pissed off when they find their health and tax bills have gone up if the GOP does get them passed. They fell for the con man with the 3 cups and single ball. His rallies may have given false hope to most of his voters but the Democrats didn't even seem to have any policies or big rallies (apart from Bernie Sanders who could have beaten Trump).

Therefore it is now clear there is just one party in Washington, the "Establishment Party".

The 6 news channels all suck up to it rather than tell real news and ask real questions such as:

  • Why are we still in Afghanistan after 16 years (opium and other minerals maybe?)
  • Why are the richer getting richer, with more tax cuts, whilst the middle class and poor are getting less and less?
  • Why doesn't the FBI just get a warrant for Hillary's DNC email ISP and collect all the emails from their and take her computer system to see if it was really hacked and how by the Russians?
  • Why if the Democrats are crying "Russia" all the time when a difficult question is posed is no actual proof provided and why did they do exactly the same thing by creating a dossier on Trump but just going through a UK ex spy middle man?

There is a need for new party in the USA.

As John Oliver laughed off Green Party candidate Jill Stein's idea of quantitative easing for paying off student debt on his TV snow. The "Establishment Party just did exactly the same to give Trump $700 billion for the military - not that they need it.</a>

So if the Establishment can just create money out of thin air for their wars because they know their campaign funders, lobbyists and companies who promised them a cushy job after they leave office can do it why can we not do it for the 99% of people who need it.

Whether you are on the left, right, middle, or flying high in the sky their surely are enough people who would come together on common issues.

Issues that affect us or will affect us all.

Issues such as:

A jobs program. Trump never brought back all those jobs he promised from China he opened a few coal mines to allow a few hundred more men to die of black lung in their 50's. The Green parties "Green New Deal" would have created thousands if not millions of new jobs and put people back to work and tax money to the government. Plus it would have got us off fossil fuels and helped with Climate Change, something many people in the worst year for hurricanes still deny.

These people with jobs would actually spend their money on products built-in China, maybe one day built-in the USA. The money would flow upwards and not downwards. The supply side demand system has been shown to fail so try a trickle up system where money is put in the pockets of people who will spend it on items such as food and goods rather than stash it in tax havens.

A ban on illegal wars we know nothing about. Why are troops dying in Niger? Why do we need to be fighting proxy wars and propping up the petro-dollar with Saudi Arabia all over the Middle East? The CIA should be disbanded as they are training our supposed enemy al-Qaeda in Syria and ISIS to fight President Assad. There was even the recent case where the Department of Defence was fighting the CIA over there.

Stop illegal immigration by not meddling in other countries affairs, starting wars and causing refugees as the US has done in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Somalia but instead helping them by building homes, schools, providing fresh water and teaching them to farm. This would prevent their desire to leave their homeland and stop the migration crisis we are seeing in Europe at the moment.

Why does the US have to require over 900 military bases all over the world and stick its nose into other countries business when it's not wanted. Just think if half those bases were closed, many just created to encircle Russia and China, it would provide enough money for free health care, education, and reduce the tensions between those countries.

Why cant the US restore its moral standing in the world by repealing bills passed after 9.11 that gave the President the power to send troops to pre-emptive wars which were declared the worst form of atrocity at Nuremberg by US judges? What about repealing the PATRIOT ACT and the NDAA that allows the President to kill US citizens even in it's own borders if required.

Stop drone killings of children and old men and then calling them enemy combatants because they are between the ages of 14 and 80.

A stop to the Orwellian policies of the US Establishment that took Edward Snowden to reveal to the sheep and Facebook, Google and Twitter filtering out stories unfavourable to it. A return to fair trials, no arrests without warrants, no spying on people without just cause.

Free health care and affordable if not free education (for life if required - to re-train), for every citizen in the country. A person living in the richest country in the world should not leave college to get a stroke when they see how many thousands of dollars they owe for their education and then leave the hospital with another bill for thousands of dollars for their recuperation.

The US is probably still top of the list of countries that pose a danger to world peace, especially now Donald Trump is in charge along with North Korea. Plus Torture which is illegal in all western countries apart from the US as it has been proven not to work plus it has floored America's moral standing in the world.

Make US companies pay their fair share of tax not just allow them to set up headquarters in a postbox in a tax haven. Google has just moved from Ireland to Jersey to get out of tax payments. International companies should be banned from tax avoidance like this.

Start trade unions and allow workers on the company boards to give their view. Germany does this and they have a far more harmonious work attitude between management and staff. Co-operative companies where the percentage of money earned by staff and management is agreed by all, and profits are shared by everyone work very well as everyone has an incentive to  work harder.

I am sure there are more issues that can be brought up but voting for Trump is going to make a lot of Republican voters hit themselves in the face when they get their next tax bill and Trump gets a smile due to the huge discount all because he owns golf courses that get money deductions.

A new Peoples Party is needed, whether headed by Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein or someone else. It is not left or right wing but it's core duty is to look after the working middle class, poor inner city youths by providing activities and sports to prevent gang violence and imprisonment of bankers and politicians who grope, rape and steal other peoples money.

The duopoly in Washington are all Wall St prostitutes and fat cat whores who care more about getting money than policies to help the people of their country.

What do you think?

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By Dark Politricks

© Dark Politricks

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

UK General Election 2017

UK General Election 2017

By Dark Politricks

It's the UK's snap general election tomorrow.

No-one really expected our great leader and Donny Trump fan Theresa May, called it after pulling out of the EU by implementing article 21 (The Lisbon Treaty).

Many are predicting a landslide victory for the Tories who have not jailed a single bankster from the 2008 crisis and trebled the national debt. The deficit may have shrunk a little but that is of no importance when the debt we owe in total has trebled clearly showing that austerity measures don't work.

Putting the "payback" on the poor instead of the rich has been decried by many as unethical and even evil.

Why should a disabled granny lose a chunk of her benefits to pay for gambling by coke snorting banksters who took grannies pension and played roulette with it.

I don't know and neither do the millions of poor and kids hoping to go to go to university only to realise they cannot afford it without incurring thousands in debts.

Following the USA around the world in the Axis of War has cost us trillions of pounds over the last decade, and even more since 9.11.

Wars in Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and undeclared wars or incursions following the USA who is using drones or planes in 7 countries at the moment that we know of. This just wasting money we desperately need at home and stirring up the UK Muslim community who have attacked us successfully 3 times in the last 3 months.

More war!

More drone strikes!

More death is what you vote for when you vote for the Tories, and when you are next on the Tube nervously looking at a man with a back pack on then don't cry when more of your civil rights and liberties are removed from you.

Currently I am probably being watched by a very bored GCHQ member of staff through my web cam at the moment and if you vote Tory you vote for more terror and more spying on the citizens of this country through your TV, Computer, Phone, Tablet and now even cars they could hack into and control.

Wasn't it George W Bush that said after 9.11 that they attacked us because "they hate us for our freedoms".

It seems the terrorists are winning if we just hand our freedoms over. I guess that's what false flag attacks and drumming up fear of whole communities of people is about.

Then we have opposing the hot favourites to carry on ruining the country, a real "Feel the Bern" revolution for Jeremy Corbyn. Hundreds of thousands of new Labour supporters have joined since Corbyn took over. Even more joined when their failed coup went ahead. It seems every time the Blairites try to get rid of Corbyn he gains another 100,000 Labour members at least.

At least if Tony Blair does succeed in creating his own get out of jail party in the aftermath of a Labour slaughtering at the polls he can be shouted down and abused in the house as the war criminal he should be treated as.

Can we really blame Blair for his 4 wars, bringing the party into the centre from the left leaving progressives with no alternative, considering the Lib Dems were wiped out last time.

The Lib Dems lied about abolishing University fees in their last manifesto and got a lot of young people's votes only to renege on the promise for a chance to spend 5 years in the back of ministerial cars.

Nick Clegg got his chance to sit at the top table and then to hell with the Lib Dems. He got 5 years of the high life, that's what type of politicians we are voting in.

The Lib Dems may have some good ideas but they have lost the people's' trust and it's not as is if we can exactly trust any other party anyway.

At least with Jeremy Corbyn you get the feeling he will try and implement his policies. Whether his party back him or not is another matter. He and Bernie Sanders would get on well over a pint I think.

So the young have looked at the fixes in US politics and how the candidates were chosen before hand in the Democratic party. Anything to get Hillary as their candidate and Bernie blanked out.

Just think of all those wasted hours standing in line to vote for Bernie when the fix was already in.

BREXIT is going ahead due to a referendum, true peoples democracy.

You may not like it but I doubt voting for a progressive alliance between Labour and the SNP will reverse the process. Once article 21 is implemented I doubt the rest of Europe will allow us to change our minds, we may try, and Germany may want us to stay, but France is French and to an Englishman that says it all.

So compared to Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn is far more to the left showing you just how centrist US politics really is. They fix their primaries so Bernie cannot run despite having the votes and the support and if he dare mentions the word socialist they think he is Mao Zedong.

At least Corbyn can mention socialism and not get bananas and other vegetables thrown at him from FOX News, and as they say any news is good news.

Bernie was hardly mentioned in the US news media, a 6 company monopoly that all spew COINTELPRO propaganda whether supposedly left-wing like MSBC or right-wing like FOX.

Here we have multiple political programmes where people ask a range of politicians and public people what they think about political decisions and issues of the day.

Bernie got about 10 minutes coverage in all the primary campaigning whilst Clinton and Trump owned the airwaves for free. They shouldn't have really spent all those billions on election adverts when they had the news channels to let them spew their hatred instead.

That's one good thing about UK elections we don't have to suck off lobbyists to get the money to campaign only to pay them back once in power.

In the US they usually have to have multi millions of dollars to even consider running for Congress or the President. Then they leave the House to go and work for a lobbyist firm or a company they had a hand in helping by voting for in government.

So whether you like Corbyn's charity shop suits or not, or you are hoping to see Labour wiped out so that you can rush to join Tony Blair's threat of a new neo-con, neo-liberal, war mongering, Banksters fun time party, you have to vote tomorrow and vote with your conscience.

If you don't want more war, to see Blair in cuffs, more money spent on schools and hospitals and less US ass licking then Labour are the only real choice for progressives. If you want the opposite, more war, bigger bombs dropped on schools and hospitals and blowback that turns UK born kids into murdering Jihadists, then vote Tory.

If you want your vote to count for nothing then there is always the Green party and UKIP despite whether their ideas are good or not but as they say you should vote with your conscience whether it makes a difference or not.

Just make sure you vote.

By Dark Politricks

© 2017 Dark Politricks

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Will the sublime skills of the new US President rock the world

Will the sublime skills of the new US President rock the world

By Dark Politricks

As we all know, if you are not American, the rest of the world finds the fact that you just voted a night owl, Twitter freak, failed business man who has been bankrupted numerous times and a reality TV star, as the man to lead the free world totally hilarious and yet very scary at the same time, The man is obviously a mad nutter who should be on high doses of xanax,

Do you believe the rest of the world is shitting it's pants or is just waking up every morning hoping he hasn't nuked the planet over a 4am Twitter war with Taylor Swift.

Unfortunately the economist, Mark Blyth, who accurately predicted BREXIT and the election of Donald Trump honestly believe we are going to see a lot more idiots put in power due to campaigning on populist ideas and then ignoring them once in power.

A clear example, apart from Trumps campaign is Obama's presidency.

He managed to get thousands of people at rallies to come along and cheer along the nonsensical generic cries of "Yes we can" and "Change".

He promised to close Gitmo, bring the troops home, and help create jobs whilst giving health care to everyone,

Instead he expanded the wars from the Stan and Iraq to Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Libya and actually has armed forces (special op teams) in 135 countries at the moment.

He kept the dictator like laws brought in after 9.11 instead of stopping them and the health care he brought in was another handout to insurance companies and an increase in Obamacare premiums to pay for a tax cut for himself and his millionaire friends.                                                      

I feel for the voters who did vote for him as he has done nothing to help the poor so far, put insurance up for people with pre-existing conditions, and swapped from interfering in other countries business to firing unnecessary expensive $500,000 missiles at Syria because of his daughter showing him a picture of a dead baby.

This is all despite the dozens of dead babies killed the other week when the US bombed a hospital and killed 200+ people. However that is just collateral damage when we kill babies and OAPS.

He even congratulated the now dictator of Turkey who jailed all the journalists, judges and people who were telling the truth about him and his son buying oil from ISIS, clearly shown in a photo from a Russian plane. A snake of stolen oil as they called it.

Plus the AXIS of WAR  (US/UK/Israel/France) is actually helping "moderate forces" which don't actually exist as ISIS swallows them all up, rather than letting the Russians and Syrians get rid of ISIS from the country,

By the looks of things though the under prepared reality star and failed business man and total ignoramus to the rest of the world, might be impeached soon for not being prepared for office and making stupid remarks that are reported all over the world,

Whatever school he went to he was taught a load of crap. I have seen many documentaries where they teach their pupils hardly anything about the rest of the world and they honestly believe it is the greatest and most free country in the world. Basically it teaches pupils what we put on our plants to make them grow better.

Read for all the reasons US citizens are basically living without privacy, spied on through phones, TVs, tablets and computers and yet many still believe they have a fair and equal justice system and live in the land of the free.

One where they are now prone to state police TANKS (given to US police forces after Iraq) and jailed for their whole life if they commit 3 felonies like the man who was so hungry he stole a piece of pizza. Fair? I don't think so.

American citizens live in an open jail, where they don't even have habeas corpus anymore and can even be executed on the say so of the President. The NDAA and PATRIOT ACT bills which should have been repealed by any other country 16 years after 9.11 are still in existence and you could have a squad of robocops storm your home at any minute, shoot your barking dogs and put in jail without a trial if the state so wants.

Progressive Democrats don't make me laugh. They are just the other side of the coin of neo-liberal, war mongering, Israel boot licking, prison labour using, uncaring party that is both Republican and Democrat, LOL, they are just the weaker side of a corporate bankster run country where wars that cost trillions are paid for and hundreds of military camps are built around the world without so much as a mutter of dissent.

Stop the wars and save a huge amount of money, Enough cash to put anyone through University for free instead of leaving College with bills of hundreds of $$ and give everyone free health care.

War is bankrupting the USA NOT health care, social security or University fees, and you would think the richest country should be able to pay for it. It is almost like the whole of the US population has been brainwashed.

So why is it that Americans believe they shouldn't pay for someone else's child to get cancer treatment but don't mind as $500,000 missiles are fired are at a Syrian airfield due to a false flag gas attack.

The Syrian army had no need to use chemical weapons when they are winning the war and forcing ISIS out into their havens in Turkey. They could have easily taken the town with standard military methods. Plus don't you find it a little bit fishy that the attack came just before peace talks and a Russian drone filmed American planes over the area that was bombed at the time of the attack,

Oh and that "poor little dead baby" speech he made was comical. Only weeks ago the US air force had destroyed a hospital and killed far more babies than the chemical attack 200+ people died in that bombing. However that is just collateral damage and no one in the owned US media will say how wrong it is.

I just hope the Republicans in the Senate have the sense of John McCain and others and stop all these executive orders that Trump thinks will just become law. He has no concept of how a bill is made in the US and how the Supreme Court is there to make sure it's constitutional.

Trump has already decided to cut health care to many of his supporters so that he can give himself and fiends a huge tax cut. Hopefully the Democrats kick out their representatives who are not progressive enough to call for single payer health care e.g the expansion of Medicare.

Hopefully he will be impeached and kicked out of office and I hope that the leader of the inquiry into him says "Your fired" when he goes. However who will take over. It doesn't even seem to matter when the Democrats admit in court that they could just do without primaries and pick who they want such as Hillary Clinton over the more popular Bernie Sanders.

I am sure the Republicans have a similar system so unless Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein create a proper peoples party that closes hundreds of army bases, gets rid of a thousand or so nukes that are really not needed to blow the whole world up 3 times over and stop the wars then the US will continue to have a neo-liberal pro war policy whoever is in power.

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By Dark Politricks

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Saturday, 8 April 2017

Donald Trump stitched up by Democrats, neo-cons and US trained ISIS

Donald Trump stitched up by False Flag Chemical Attack

By Dark Politricks
Dark Politricks

A false flag attack that is so obvious and fulfils Neo-Con wishes For Trump to move away from Russia

It seems the Democrats, Obama and neo-con WWIII dreamers want their war in Syria.

Once we built weapons to fight wars now we make wars to sell weapons e.g Saudi Arabia and Yemen which no-one seems to be talking about. Saudi Arabia is one of the most terrorist supporting, backward country in the world.

We should not be allies with them. If t hose 28/29 redacted 9.11 pages are right we should have bombed the country out of existence by now.

However after Donald Trump said he would not be attacking Assad but going after ISIS and al-Qaeda who the CIA and their cohorts are training and funding.

The town which was supposedly hit by chemical weapons are Axis of War (US/UK/France) jihadists who only recently kidnapped people from the town that was attacked.

It seems very odd that people dying of Sarin are being treated (see pictures in video) by people without the proper protective equipment on. Why is the lead gas campaigner a doctor in a hospital who has time to tweet out messages and offer video chats, surely he should be helping out in his FULL hospital of victims instead of tweeting.

Also this comes as Syria is beating ISIS and the rest of the US trained ISIS, al-Qaeda and al-Nusra? They are taking back whole towns that had been captured OH and they gave their chemical weapons away in 2013 after the last "red line" was supposedly crossed.

This was proved to be a false flag in 2013 as the Turkish found Sarin gas in Turkey and being crossed into Syria. MP'S and journalists who brought up Turkish support for ISIS were arrested and even jailed.

Also who does it benefit?

When there are peace talks on the schedule it seems a very stupid and unnecessary time for the Syrian army to use chemical weapons.

I bet the Democrats and GOP neo-cons who suckle the teats of the Military Industrial Complex are happy they seem to have turned Trump from fighting ISIS to putting US troops on the ground to fight Assad and maybe even Russia.

This is obviously going to lead to Russian soldiers being killed and have many articles and film about how this attack seems to be a false flag.

Watch this report by Jimmy Dore. He puts the pieces together nicely.

Half the US government wants another war to make money from weapons sales and rebuilding contracts and to keep the sheeple terrified for much longer. Syria has been on the US hit list since 9.11 and was supposed to be toppled after Iraq and Iran.

This has been proved 100%.

The only problem is that the US don't seem to be going after ISIS or al-Qaeda, rather they would support them through proxies in Saudi Arabia and Qatar to pass off weapons, training and money.

Also for Donald Trump to stand there and say many red lines have been crossed why is it when we bomb a hospital and kill kids and women it's "collateral damage", but if Syria who is basically doing our work for us by going after ISIS who we created, and al-Qaeda who supposedly attacked us it's an outrage.

Are ISIS and al-Qaeda not supposed to be our enemies?

It seems that when they see a new US President prepared to go after this bag of scum instead of allowing Assad and Russia, who have done a much better job in a tiny amount of time clearing out the Jihadist scum, we have to keep the war going.

How? Troops on the ground, bombing Syrian soldiers, allowing ISIS troops to be supplied and trained and most importantly allowing another NATO country, Turkey to illegally buy stolen oil from ISIS taken from Syria. This snake of trucks carrying oil filmed by Russian planes tells a sad story about NATO.

We allow or foment a false flag gas attack to happen or provide our own terrorists the geo coordinates to bomb before Russia smashes them all to bits as happened the other week and also happened in the Iran Iraq war when Saddam Hussein was given the location of Iranian troops by the US when they knew he would use chemical weapons on them.

Our morals seem to be a bit up and down it seems depending on whether we control the country or their key politicians. Otherwise a coup is formed, a fake protest is inflated into a mass anti government action or people are assassinated.

Does it matter if you are killed by chemical weapons, whose destination was probably provided to their Jihadist trained troops or blown up and burnt to death?

Does the way we kill someone matter on a score board. What about Israel and Saudi Arabia using white phosphorus on the trapped people of Gaza even a UN building or Saudis bombing and murdering of kids in Yemen because there are groups loosely aligned with Iran there.

The place is a hell hole search the site for more info on this disgusting war.

Watch this great alternative news piece to get all the info you need to stop you believing mainstream media lies about the attack.

I suggest subscribing to Jimmy Dores's channel ASAP.

If Russian soldiers are attacked and killed and we end up in World War 3 can you trust Donald Trump NOT to use nuclear weapons in any conflict.

Do you really trust him to do the right thing. Is this all just a way to sway Trumps potential detente with Russia into one of aggression where a proxy war could turn hot.

Have the Democrats who would have gone into Syria by now and the neo-con GOP politicians, hate the fact Trump is not as evil as some of them. Wanting constant war and increased spending on weapons and paying off their lobbyists. Have they been jumping for joy the last day or so?

I don't want that do you? And if so please tell me why.

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By Dark Politricks

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Thursday, 30 March 2017

BREXIT is on

BREXIT is on

BREXIT has been triggered....

Theresa May pulls the trigger: the process of Britain leaving the EU is under way. There is no turning back, said the PM. The two-year countdown to BREXIT has begun.

Jon Snow is in Westminster getting all the political reaction, while Jackie Long is talking to the people of Hull who voted resoundingly in favour of BREXIT .

Meanwhile, Matt Frei is in Brussels where there was plenty of sadness about this divorce, but also some real steeliness. Adding a few veiled threats and some very clear red lines.

What do you think happy or about to set up another pointless online petition to overturn the referendum result?